Important information from Room Space Limited

Dear Valued Roomspace Client,

Re: Company Reorganisation – Transfer of Legal Entity

Room Space Limited (Registered in England number 1112378) has several businesses trading under different names and will be undertaking a brand separation.

All activities wholly related to the Roomspace Serviced Apartment brand including the trading name – Roomspace Serviced Apartments – will be transferred to its subsidiary company Executive Roomspace Ltd (Registered in England with company number 3864387).

Room Space Limited will transfer all rights, title and benefit of any agreements to Executive Roomspace Limited which will assume responsibility and honour all liabilities previously with Room Space Limited, as such your rental agreement will transfer to Executive Roomspace Ltd.

This reorganization is already underway, and we plan to change over from 1st January 2020. All invoices for existing activities with the Roomspace brand will be issued by Executive Roomspace Ltd from this date. We will bill your rents up to the end of this year as Room Space Limited and issue new invoices with new bank details from Executive Roomspace Limited for the period starting 1st January 2020.

This move will not affect our normal service, service levels or procedures in any way so it is very much ‘business as usual’.

Thank you in advance for ensuring your records are updated and in the event of any queries, please make contact with us so we can clarify.

Yours faithfully

Charles McCrow

CEO5-6 Francis Grove

Wimbledon London

SW19 4DT