Throughout 2021, there were 34 million digital nomads in the world, with the number increasing rapidly as we approach the second half of 2022. But why are so many people choosing to leave the traditionally stable office life behind to backpack around the world?

To better understand this, we should appreciate what a digital nomad really is. A digital nomad is someone who works remotely, moving frequently around the globe. They may, for example, be in London for two weeks before moving onto Lisbon and then Madrid. To digital nomads, life should be a balance of work and leisure and they go to great lengths to make sure that they can work from anywhere in the world.

If you’re still not sure about taking the road as a digital nomad, here are some other benefits to the lifestyle and a look into how serviced apartments provide the perfect place to stay during your trips.

1.  No Commuting

As a digital nomad, you’ll be able to save considerable time and money by not having to travel to the office every day. Although there’s the evident expense of travelling to a different place every few months, working remotely means that you can travel to more economic locations, saving money on food, transport and accommodation compared to places with higher costs of living. Staying at a serviced apartment also means a safe and secure building entrance, weekly housekeeping and a washer-dryer to make sure your clothes are always clean. And, as a bonus, you can also get that extra sleep in the morning and wake up just in time for your important meeting!

Becoming a digital nomad doesn’t need to mean travelling in a caravan around the continent (unless you want it to!) but rather, staying in a serviced apartment with the privacy and flexibility you need to work remotely from one location for months at a time. Even if you need to commute at some point, many serviced apartments are in convenient locations, making sure that you’re only minutes from the important places.

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2. In Your Own Time…

As we’ve learned in recent times, when we work in our own space, and are able to schedule our time according to our needs and preferences, we’re more likely to remain motivated in the long run. Imagine working from a spacious, clean and safe apartment and then stepping out onto the beach instead of onto a train home. Digital nomadism affords more flexibility to enjoy plenty of great experiences, which will give you much more motivation to keep doing the hard work to the best of your ability.

All journeys bring new experiences and the chance to learn something new. Digital nomads get this opportunity as they’re in a new place exploring, learning the culture, eating local food and much more. Keeping your goals in sight and being the best version of yourself shouldn’t have to mean sacrificing your dreams. Life is all about balance after all!

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3. Space to work and relax

Working remotely gives you the best opportunity to travel anywhere around the world. You can see amazing places and meet new people, making friends wherever you go. Travelling – whether solo or as part of a group – can give you the freedom to make all your decisions independently, as you take control of your own time, budget and career. Seeing the world can also boost your creativity, make you physically healthier and relieve stress and anxiety.

A serviced apartment is the perfect place to invite new friends over. Whether you’re using the work desk provided as a coworking space, have friends sleeping over after a night out or are hosting a cook-along and board games evening, serviced apartments offer everything you need to make the most of your time in the city. If you need a work desk, an extra Z-bed or have specific kitchen requirements during your stay, reach out to the guest services team and they’d be happy to help you.

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4. Follow Your Own Path

One of the biggest positives of being a digital nomad is the freedom to follow the path YOU choose. You can create your plans and change them whenever you want. If you’re growing bored with staying in the same place, then digital nomadism might be a great opportunity to see the world. There are so many cultures out there to learn about, communities to join and new people to meet. Life will seem much more enjoyable, educational and rewarding. Life on the road may not be for everyone – make sure that you consider the economic and social implications this will have on your future – but you’ll always learn something new about yourself and get the freedom you deserve.

As such, serviced apartments are a great way to transform a career into life as a digital nomad, as they provide the space, comfort and high-quality technology you need to get on with work while still allowing you to save the money you’d spend on hotel rooms. All you need to become a digital nomad is your own laptop and a strong internet connection – which is provided as standard when you book a serviced apartment. And that’s it! You’re ready to go.

Serviced apartments offer the flexibility you need to start looking for places for short- and long-term stays. All of our Roomspace apartments are close to transport links, offer an easy online booking process and guarantee 24/7 emergency support so that we’re always on hand when you need us.