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Are you looking for a comfortable and convenient space for your next trip?  

Serviced apartments provide the perfect solution for businesses in the logistics sector. They are a great way to offer business travellers in the logistics sector a practical and advantageous location for their upcoming business trip. 

What are serviced apartments?

The amenities of a typical home are provided in serviced apartments, which are independent residences. They typically have a living area, kitchen, and bedroom, and some could additionally include a balcony or terrace. These completely furnished apartments are cleaned and maintained by qualified professionals. They are perfect for business travellers searching for a convenient location and may be rented on a short- or long-term basis.

Proximity to the Venue

The location of these serviced apartments is one of Roomspace’s main advantages. Because of their proximity to major transportation hubs such as ports, train stations, and airports, these apartments make it easier for business travellers to transport merchandise and get to and from their destinations. This can save time and money for logistics workers who are on a tight deadline and must respond quickly.

Space and Flexibility

Professionals can stay comfortable and productive while away from home in Roomspace’s serviced apartments, which come fully equipped with everything needed for a successful working day.

The apartments are fully furnished and include a kitchen, a living room, and separate bedrooms, allowing guests to prepare their own meals, do their laundry, and work or relax in their own private area.


Roomspace’s serviced apartments also offer unlimited Wi-Fi and a smart TV as standard, with guests able to request a working desk during their stay. Serviced apartments are more economic than hotel rooms and their spacious rooms make them ideal for business meetings and conferences.

As these apartments can be rented on a short-term or long-term basis, businesses can save money on accommodation costs. However, if you are travelling with colleagues, make sure that the apartment has enough space to accommodate everyone.

Booking a Roomspace serviced apartment for logistics professionals

Roomspace is an ideal solution for businesses in the logistics industry. They provide a variety of serviced apartments throughout Europe, including London, Lisbon, and Madrid. They offer a comfortable and convenient environment for business travellers, with all the necessary amenities for a successful work trip.

Book a Roomspace serviced apartment for your next trip to enjoy the benefits of a modern apartment near important trade hubs and local entertainment venues.

Special deals and exclusive offers

At Roomspace, we understand the importance of providing a comfortable and convenient accommodation for logistics teams. That’s why we offer exclusive offers and group discounts for teams looking to stay in the area.

If you’re a logistics team looking for accommodation near one of our numerous locations around London, you can use the promo code ERSLogistics‘ to get the best deals and offers from us. 

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