Serviced Apartments Chertsey

Travelling to Chertsey for business? Our serviced apartments offer you easy access to local business hubs like Weybridge, Thorpe and Sheperton, as well as transport links to London.

Corporate Stays in Chertsey

Explore the comfort and convenience of our serviced apartments in Chertsey, designed for both short-term and long-term stays close to London.

With a selection of one, two and three bed apartments featuring generously-sized living spaces, a fully equipped kitchen for those who prefer self-catering, and a welcoming dining area, we provide a wide range of options to suit your travel needs.

Why Choose a Serviced Apartment?

Choosing a serviced apartment in Chertsey for your stay provides a unique advantage: it’s situated on the outskirts of London, offering a more detached experience from the hustle and bustle of the city while remaining conveniently close. This allows you to enjoy a peaceful retreat after a busy day, yet still have easy access to London’s attractions and business opportunities in less than an hour.

Chertsey’s calmer atmosphere and natural surroundings provides a refreshing contrast to the urban environment of the capital, making it an ideal choice for travellers seeking a balanced stay between relaxation and accessibility.



Spacious Apartments in Chertsey

Chertsey serves as an excellent base for business travellers, with a range of one- to three-bedroom apartments to choose from.

Featuring spacious living areas, fully-equipped kitchens and on-site parking, these serviced apartments are ideal for business travellers seeking a retreat from city life while still enjoying proximity to urban amenities.

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Customer Reviews

  • 4 star rating

    Business visit _ Stay@Watling street A very pleasant stay (Jun 2016) in the City of London. Very convenient location, nice apartment with all amenities, and nearby tube stations. Didn't managed to meet anyone (host/staff) at... read more

  • 5 star rating

    Penthouse in an upcoming area We stayed for three nights in apartment 4B, which is on the top floor of a beautifully renovated building. The apartment is fresh and modern, with a kitchen with... read more

    Don L
  • Exceptional Excellent location and a very comfortable apartment Nothing


The Benefits

Staying in a serviced apartment provides numerous advantages for travellers seeking comfort and convenience. One of the most noticeable advantages is their spaciousness, which allows for more movement and relaxation than standard hotel rooms. With separate living, dining, and sleeping areas, guests can feel at home away from home.

Additionally, serviced apartments are frequently fitted with modern amenities and furnishings, creating a contemporary and elegant atmosphere in which guests can unwind. This extends to facilities like fully-equipped kitchens, which allow guests to cook their own meals and have a more personalised eating experience.


Services & Amenities

Staying in a serviced apartment in Chertsey promises a hassle-free and delightful experience from beginning to end, with amenities like as housekeeping and concierge accessible to meet every guest’s needs.

The dedicated housekeeping and maintenance teams ensure that the apartment is thoroughly cleaned and maintained, allowing guests to enjoy their stay without worrying about any property issues that may arise. This degree of personalised attention and support adds an added layer of comfort and convenience, making the entire stay seamless and stress-free.

Business Travel & Corporate Stays

Chertsey is a great option for business travellers, because it is conveniently located near major commercial centres such as Weybridge, Thorpe, and Shepperton. This strategic location provides easy access to several areas without the need for long journeys.

Business travellers can use the train station located just across the street from the apartments, suitable for meetings, conferences, and exploring the city on weekends!



More To Explore In Chertsey

Our serviced apartments in Chertsey offer a strategic location that allows business travellers to easily visit nearby places such as Weybridge, Thorpe, Shepperton, Addlestone, and beyond.

These neighbouring locations are home to various business parks, corporate headquarters, and industrial estates, providing a varied range of business interaction possibilities and making it a great base for doing business in the region.

Whether attending meetings, networking events, or client visits, Chertsey’s proximity to these significant business hubs facilitates travel and allows for easy navigation between destinations. Also, the bustling commercial landscape in these places offers several prospects for collaboration and expansion, adding to Chertsey’s appeal as a crucial site for business travellers.


Transport Links & Local Attractions

Chertsey offers great travel links, allowing for easy travel for both work and tourism. The town is helpfully located near major road networks such as the M25, M3, and A3, which provide quick access to neighbouring towns and cities.

Chertsey also has a well-connected railway station, which serves London Waterloo, Chiswick, Clapham Junction, and other parts of Greater London. This accessibility extends to airports, with Heathrow Airport accessible in less than an hour, meeting international travel requirements. Whether by road or rail, Chertsey’s transport system ensures efficient connectivity, making the town more convenient for business travel.


Welcoming Guests For Over 25 Years

Roomspace has been providing high-quality stays to business and leisure travellers since 1995. With over 25 years of experience, we’re experts at making our serviced apartments your home away from home.


Booking and Enquiries

Travelling to Chertsey soon?

To book your next stay with us, or for any enquiries about our serviced apartments, please visit our website or contact our customer service team. We’re here to help you find the perfect apartment for your next trip.

General Enquiries

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Let’s answer some of your most common questions about serviced apartments in Chertsey.

Are serviced apartments in Chertsey close to other key areas of the UK?

Yes, Chertsey’s serviced apartments are conveniently located close to significant areas including Addlestone, Shepperton, Thorpe, and Weybridge. The UK’s main corporate centers, transit hubs, and recreational areas can be reachable from this strategic location.

Also, Chertsey’s close proximity to crucial highways and train stations guarantees easy access to major towns such as Guildford, Reading, and London, boosting its appeal as a key location for both leisure and business travellers.

How long can I stay in a serviced apartment?

The length of your stay in a serviced apartment varies according to your requirements and preferences. Whether you need temporary accommodation for short periods of time or extended stays lasting several months, serviced apartments provide flexible booking options to meet your individual needs.

Why stay in a serviced apartment instead of a hotel?

Serviced apartments offer multiple advantages over typical hotel rooms. They provide extra room, privacy, and comfort by separating the living, dining, and sleeping areas. These apartments have fully equipped kitchens, allowing guests to cook their own meals and enjoy a home-like atmosphere.

Additionally, visitors receive tailored services such as as housekeeping and concierge assistance, ensuring a comfortable and delightful stay that meets their specific needs.

Do serviced apartments include bills?

Yes, serviced apartments usually include utility expenses for water, electricity, and heating, as well as Wi-Fi and other essentials. This all-inclusive pricing system makes budgeting easier for guests, eliminating the need to take care of bills during their stay. With utilities included in the rental charge, guests may enjoy a worry-free stay without incurring additional costs.