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Serviced apartment providers are leading campaigns to promote sustainable living, at a time where environmental awareness is crucial. At Roomspace, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond discourse; we’re implementing a wide range of programmes targeted at reducing our environmental impact while improving guest experiences.

Keep reading to learn more about how serviced apartment providers are modifying their accommodations and services in order to provide more environmentally conscious stays for each guest.

Energy Efficiency

Sustainable serviced apartments are changing the scene by emphasising energy efficiency. These accommodations, equipped with sustainable appliances and LED lighting, considerably reduce power use, lowering greenhouse gas emissions and reducing reliance on fossil fuels. Plus, the ripple effect results in cheaper energy expenses for both tenants and property owners in the long run!

Water Conservation

Many sustainable serviced apartments are installing low-flow showerheads, faucets, and toilets in the apartments whenever possible. These carefully designed fixtures strike a balance between luxury and sustainability, allowing guests to enjoy refreshing showers and a steady flow of water from each tap while drastically reducing consumption.

Renewable Energy Sources

Sustainable serviced apartments are leading a change in perspective for short-term rental providers, using renewable energy to power their operations. By using the abundant energy of the sun or wind, these accommodations are setting a new standard for environmental care. This transformation not only reduces reliance on finite, nonrenewable energy sources, but it also actively reduces harmful emissions and promotes sustainability.

This year, Roomspace aims to introduce solar power to our own offices, laundry, and operations hub at our London HQ with clean, renewable energy from solar panels. This use of clean, renewable energy demonstrates our commitment to environmental responsibility while also lowering energy bills and promoting a greener, more sustainable future for all.

Sustainable Materials

Some serviced apartments may use sustainable materials whenever possible, such as bamboo flooring (known for its resilience, adaptability, and quick growth rate) and environmentally friendly toiletries and cleaning products.

Roomspace has taken proactive steps to reduce waste and environmental effect by using paraben-free, cruelty-free, and vegan toiletries, as well as recyclable kitchen goods. Additionally, our washing machine tablets are designed to use less detergent, while our dishwasher tablets dissolve completely, leaving no waste behind.

In the second half of 2024, we want to make additional substitutes for sustainable items whenever possible. We are making every effort to make our services more sustainable, giving you peace of mind when you book a stay with us.

So what does this mean?

By implementing these sustainable features and practices, serviced apartments can help to reduce their environmental impact, conserve resources, and safeguard the planet without sacrificing the quality of their services. While these are small changes to the apartment, they can help to reduce the impacts of climate change, improve air and water quality, and create a better environment for people and the surrounding community.

Roomspace is making changes to our apartments wherever possible, from eco-friendly cleaning products to LED lightbulbs. Book your next stay and join us in our mission to make sustainable living accessible for all, while enjoying the comforts and conveniences of a serviced apartment in the heart of the city.

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