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Booking a Serviced Apartment for Business

Choosing a serviced apartment for business travel can increase productivity by providing the necessary flexibility and privacy to ensure a successful trip.

These apartments are located in convenient locations, offering necessary amenities such as fast internet, workspace, 24-hour support and cost-saving deals. By considering these factors, you can ensure a comfortable and productive stay for your next business trip.

Read more to find out how a serviced apartment is the perfect accommodation for business travellers.


Serviced apartment location is an important factor for business travelers to consider for several reasons. For those needing to go in every day, close proximity to their offices and international business hubs is essential. This can significantly reduce commute times and ensure time is well-spent getting the job done.

On the other hand, if you’re working remotely or hybrid, places like coworking spaces, meeting rooms, restaurants and shops will become your priority. While you may not be going into the office so frequently, team meetings and social events are still needed for a strong work ethic and team morale.

Accommodation providers may offer amenities like gyms, pools, and spas, varying by location and price. If not available, ask about nearby providers, as serviced apartment providers know these are sought-after amenities for many.

In-house Amenities

Serviced apartments for business travel are designed with the businessperson in mind. Because of this, providers will prioritise amenities like unlimited Wi-Fi, in-house laundry services and a smart TV set.

These apartments will also include housekeeping services and often offer parking spaces and working desks upon request. These amenities can help make the stay more comfortable and are especially useful for business travellers during their stay.

Utility Costs

To get the best value for their money, business travellers should carefully consider the cost of the serviced apartment, including utilities and any additional fees such as parking or security deposits.

Serviced apartments, which generally include all utilities, can offer cost efficiency compared to other types of accommodations. Business travelers can use the space for work or entertaining guests without worrying about extra charges.


Serviced apartments for business are always located in a secure area, with easy access to public transportation and security features such as CCTV and secure entry systems.

Serviced apartment providers also provide 24/7 emergency guest support and have to comply with all fire alarms and smoke detectors regulations as part of their service. Because of this, business travellers can book a serviced apartment safe in the knowledge that their providers are taking every step to ensure a safe and secure accommodation for their stay.

Special deals and exclusive offers

Booking a serviced apartment for business is the key to a productive trip. Roomspace has been providing corporate travel accommodations since 1995 and understands what guests need for a successful stay, going above and beyond to meet their needs.

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