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What is a Serviced Apartment?

Are you looking for a place to stay, but find a hotel room just too small? Then, serviced apartments might be just what you need.

But what exactly is a serviced apartment? Serviced apartments offer a home away from home. Usually in fantastic central locations, with one or more bedrooms, a separate kitchen and a living room, they’re a spacious alternative when travelling. And when reliable Wi-Fi, a weekly service clean and all utilities are included in the cost, it’s easy to see why serviced apartments are quickly becoming the most popular choice for business and leisure guests worldwide.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our guests tell us they love most about staying in our serviced apartments, and why you should consider booking one instead of the more conventional hotel room.

1. Space

There’s no doubt that serviced apartments are much bigger than hotel rooms – 30% bigger on average. With a separate bedroom or two, you have space to relax, join zoom calls or prepare a hearty meal. Kick your shoes off, pour yourself a hot cup or cold glass, and relax and unwind. It’s the space that guests value most, especially after a long day of work.

2. Facilities

Strong and stable Wi-Fi is rarely guaranteed in hotels! Whether you’re on back-to-back Teams calls or streaming a film, serviced apartments will ensure our guests are well connected to the internet.

But that’s not all – they usually also offer a smart TV, comfortable sofa, spacious fridge and, of course, a washer and dryer to keep your clothes ready for the next day. Roomspace guests love these facilities, so it’s no surprise they make up most of our positive feedback!

3. Kitchen

Sometimes, if luck is on your side – you may get a kettle, and a couple of cups, meaning you’ll need to find somewhere to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But when you book serviced apartments, you will walk into a space with a fully equipped kitchen, complete with a cutlery set, cooking utensils, and contemporary kitchen appliances.

Whether you’re popping a readymade meal in the microwave, or creating a culinary masterpiece, you’ll find everything you need to satisfy your dietary needs. Our guests love saving on hefty restaurant bills and often keep a bottle of wine in the fridge.

4. Length Of Stay

Hotels are traditionally meant for short business trips or holidays – living in a square box for a week or more can feel claustrophobic. With serviced apartments, whether you’re staying for a few days or a few months, you’ll have everything you need to feel at home. With enough space for guests to visit, and even bring your furry friends with you, serviced apartments are your go-to for a trip out of town.  For more information about booking at one of our pet-friendly properties, visit our Pet Policy section.


Our guests love quality accommodation at great locations, with a price that’s completely comfortable. And that’s why, time and time again, they’ll choose a serviced apartment over a hotel.