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Today marks the official International Coworking Day, providing us with the ideal occasion to explore the relationship between coworking spaces and serviced apartments – a dynamic strategy that is redefining how professionals approach their work-life balance.

The growing number of coworking spaces demonstrates a shift in attitudes toward the way we work. Collaborative hubs that encourage flexibility, innovation, and community have replaced static workplace settings around the world. On this International Coworking Day, we celebrate a shift in how guests can use our apartments to access coworking spaces while staying with us.

Why are coworking spaces beneficial to business travellers?

Coworking spaces go well beyond traditional workplace limits. They provide a place where different kinds of professionals can meet, breaking down geographical barriers.

Traditional office space leases can be expensive, especially for short-term stays. Customers can save the costs of setting up a separate office while enjoying a fully equipped workspace by speaking to their serviced aparment providers about their recommendations regarding coworking spaces in the area.

These spaces are key for networking opportunities, where professionals can engage with each other and learn more about other people and businesses in the industry. They are like a creative and community hub where people from all disciplines can interact, brainstorm ideas, collaborate on projects, and even lay the groundwork for potentially career-changing relationships.

How can serviced apartments offer coworking spaces to their guests?

Serviced apartments are intended to provide the conveniences of home while still accommodating work requirements. Guests receive access to well-equipped workspaces that offer a favourable environment for productivity by incorporating coworking spaces within or near serviced apartment complexes.

Many business travellers and remote workers want adaptable workspaces that can accommodate their busy schedules. Serviced apartment providers can adapt their apartments or collaborate with local coworking spaces to allow their guests a seamless transition between work and leisure without the need for a long commute.

How can guests use serviced apartments as coworking spaces?

Serviced aparments are often aimed for business travellers, and providers understand the challenges of working while travelling. These apartments are designed to feel like a home, but providers may also provide extra tools for when guests want to collaborate with their team inside the apartment.

Roomspace, a leading serviced apartments provider for business travellers in London, Lisbon and southeast UK, offers spacious apartments with unlimited Wi-Fi, allowing our guests to easily transform the apartments into a working area for themselves and their team. Guests can also request a working desk, and many of our apartments have smart TVs, which guests can use as mirror screens with their laptop devices.

Does Roomspace currently work with coworking spaces?

For those who want to use coworking spaces as an opportunity to meet other professionals, coworking spaces frequently organise networking events, workshops, and seminars. Serviced apartment guests can take advantage of these events to develop their professional networks, learn from industry professionals, and receive insights that complement their job goals.

Roomspace is currently collaborating with coworking spaces local to our apartments in London and Brighton, typically less than five minutes away from our apartments!

Need a coworking space for your next trip?

We understand that business travel can be both challenging and isolating. That is why we’re working to refine the relationship between coworking spaces and serviced apartments for guests staying with us.

Coworking spaces provide a change of scenery for those working remotely, as well as giving you an opportunity to engage with other local and travelling professionals in the area. Our apartments offer the flexibility to choose between working from our apartments or walking over to the nearest coworking space, giving you the opportunity to strike a better work-life balance during your trip.

Whether you’re a digital nomad or a relocating professional, staying in a Roomspace serviced apartment offers the perfect blend between productivity and comfort, and promises a brighter, more connected stay.

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