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When it comes to booking business travel accommodations, you have a lot of options. But when considering location, budget and service, too many possibilities can be overwhelming.

In this article, we have compiled our top tips to keep in mind when deciding on accommodation for your next business trip.

1. Know what your options are…

Hotels need little explanation; we’ve most likely all stayed in one. Hotels are designed for short-term stays, providing a room with basic amenities such as toiletries and kitchen essentials included as standard.

Compared to hotels, longer rental flats provide their visitors a greater level of privacy. Apartment rentals are frequently the most practical choice when making reservations for stays longer than six months. But while you have more room than a hotel room, you will also be responsible for cleaning, maintenance and service bills throughout your stay.

Serviced apartments combine the best both worlds. The apartments typically range from studio to three bedrooms and are approximately 30% larger than a hotel room. When booking a serviced apartment, you will often get a furnished apartment including amenities like weekly housekeeping, an in-house washer/dryer and a fully equipped kitchen.

2. Why choose when you can have it all?

A swimming pool and a bar sound great! But on a business trip, the things that make your trip easier are privacy and unlimited, high-speed WiFi. Serviced apartments also provide spacious rooms for each period of the day – separate spaces for working, sleeping and relaxing, making them an excellent choice for both short- and long-term accommodation.

Serviced apartments are often in central locations, within minutes from various restaurants, tourist attractions and entertainment venues. Providers may also offer desks on request and recommend apartments near coworking spaces, with direct transport links to business hubs – ideal for corporate travel.

3. Consider the corporate booking efficiencies

You need an accommodation provider you can trust.

Serviced apartment providers typically offer involved guest support, with a simple booking process and a quick response time. Serviced apartments allow for flexibility during your stay, with a cancellation policy and budget options that meet every guest’s needs. With a team always on-hand to help guests in the event of an unexpected delay, as well as weekly housekeeping and maintenance support, you are certain to find an apartment ideal for your next business trip.

4. Specialists in accommodation for business travel

Roomspace has been looking after our customers’ corporate accommodation needs for over 25 years.

Our hassle-free booking process and high standards of service reflect our expertise in the field and our team’s commitment to providing only high-quality serviced apartments for your next business trip.

Our diverse portfolio of modern, spacious apartments across London and the home counties, Madrid and Lisbon offer an alternative to hotels and rentals. Roomspace serviced apartments are ideal for business travel, whether you’re commuting to work or working from home.

Work from your own space, unwind after a long day or provide a coworking space for your team – with Roomspace, you can do it all.

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